Web Solutions

Technology in the handsWe can offer to associations, persons or companies, web-based systems of the latest generation systems, until now only possible with complicated equipment, we can offer you these systems accessible simply by web interface, we can also create your site or the site of your company with the latest technology that the web has to offer, suitable for all devices.



Here are some of the solutions that we offer:

  • Website development: We develop your website, the site of your company or your personal website, so that you can easily edit and full manage content in your site.
  • Systems integration for Web access: We can integrate any system by adding a web interface for easy management. (see Web interface Integration” below for more details on this point).
  • Web App: We can create applications of any kind accessible via the Web, including applications for calls and video calls via html 5 (useful for call centers such as integrated with one of our virtual PBX).

Web interface Integration:

You have systems difficult to manage? We can integrate your systems such as switchboards fixed or internal management systems with a simple web interface, easily accessible everywhere and easy to use!

For more information or to see if we can develop your project, contact us!