Voip Solutions

vosolub-big-orThanks to our extensive experience in VoIP technology, we can offer customized solutions for call centers or companies that need simple systems, faster and cheaper to call or receive calls! we offer VoIP PBX, IVR, autorespondersautomatic outbound calls and more, we offer these solutions in the cloud (then mounted on remote servers), or even directly on-site, in your own server in your headquarters.

We propose simple solutions to manage and use, suitable for small, medium or large businesses, the solutions are tailored to each customer’s needs, we can offer any solution, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

Some examples of the solutions that we offer:

  • VoIP PBX  local or remote: Ability to receive or send calls simultaneously from multiple numbers, connecting thousands of telephone operators at the same switchboard.
  • Teleworking for call center:  We offer telework solutions for call centers, you can offer your operators the opportunity to work as if they were in your office, you can check the progress of the work, what time he started working and how often the receiving or sending calls, the maximum control with maximum simplicity!
  • Interactive voice response: We offer automated IVR solutions, menu, data storage, data extraction, data control, and much more! autonomously without human intervention.
  • Automatic outbound calls: We offer the opportunity to start automatic calls with pre-recorded messages, and the ability to use an outbound IVR, where those receiving the call, can also use a menu on the call.

We offer all kinds of solutions in the field of VoIP and communications, tailored and designed specifically for you, contact us to get all the information you need!