About Us

Man pointing something to his partner on screen in creative officeMobi Dynamics Ltd is an international company composed of the best developers and programmers from around the world, in fact, although the company’s headquarters is in Belize, ours is an international company with authorization to operate all over the world!

We deal with information technology for many years individually, until we decided to create a solid international company, with the aim of providing applications and technology to anyone who needs it at affordable prices without sacrificing quality.

The idea for the company came to a team of programmers and developers of Belize, after Belize has finally legalized VoIP, we specialized in communication technologies, bringing communication to a new level, thanks to our previous experience as developers we providing PBX and IVR services in the cloud!

Given the twenty years of experience, we decided to open our company, and we started to hire programmers around the world, choosing only the best in every field!

Thanks to this we can cover all the needs of our customers by offering technology simple but very high quality.

We opened companies presence in different parts of the world, used in order to register patents and trademarks in all countries, while maintaining our headquarters in our country, to bring our country in the world!